Welcome to Be Nourished!

I am so happy you are here! I created this space so parents and families have a place to receive support and education regarding their child’s speech and feeding development.  Communicating and eating are two of the most vital skills we have as humans and involve some of the most intricate and complex developmental processes our children journey through. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and giving parents confidence in helping their little ones thrive in the world of all things communication and feeding.

Whether you want information and guidance or have concerns regarding your child’s speech or feeding skills, I am here to provide education and research-based principles to help you navigate the adventures of teaching your little one to eat and communicate in a positive way!


Articulation, or speech therapy, focuses on supporting children in achieving improved speech production and proper placement for speech sounds. This therapy improves your child’s confidence and ability to be understood when speaking.


Feeding Therapy focuses on supporting your child in achieving  optimal chewing and drinking skills, increasing acceptance of a variety of foods and decreasing stressful mealtimes. Your day as a parent is centered around feeding your little ones and you don’t have to navigate the struggles alone!

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy focuses on creating balance between facial structure and muscle function through establishing nasal breathing, improving oral rest posture of the tongue, lips, and jaw, and teaching optimal swallow patterns.  This therapy technique guides proper developmental of the face, mouth, and airway.

Be Nourished Sessions

Do you have questions about how to support optimal speech, language and feeding development? Gather a few of your friends and little ones for a Be Nourished Session. I will come to your house to answer your questions, provide you with functional strategies, recommendations and guide you on how you can feed and play with your kiddos with optimal development in mind.